Mexican Home Cooking with Yvette Jemison

This class is an adventure in preparing and tasting home-cooked recipes that you’ll find in a typical Mexican kitchen.  First you'll make salsa and learn how to transform this Mexican staple into Chilaquiles. We’ll take fresh Louisiana shrimp, and create a crowd pleasing Coctel de Camaron.  Last, but certainly not least, you’ll learn to prepare a rich Choco-Flan cake that magically inverts during the baking process.   

Salsa Martajada


Coctel de Camaron

Choco-flan Cake


Yvette Jemison, of the blog, truly enjoys sharing her love of cooking, and provides you with recipes and guidance in assembling the ingredients that bring out the most flavor in authentic Mexican cuisine.  Her passion for cooking extends back to her childhood.  She was immersed in the Tex-Mex cuisine of south Texas, and the delicacies prepared in the modest homes of Mexico.  Join the fun as she shares her knowledge and experience while broadening her student’s cooking skills. 

 $75.00 pp